Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: Which one to choose?

More then sixty % of the net is surfed via Google’s top-notch browser Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox isn’t able to catch up with Chrome. we’ve hunting expedition browser in second place, because of Apple.

Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: Which one to choose?
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Today during this post I’m about to introduce to a brand new browser, Brave Browser. Well, you may be speculative there area unit already heaps of browsers specifically Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.. why trouble regarding the other browser?

Edge browser is created from Google Chrome’s skeleton solely and options all the required functions that Google Chrome offers originally.


So let’s get into the depth of each these browsers, check out professionals and cons then we’d be comparison facet by facet in numerous fields.

Google Chrome vs Brave Browser

Google Chrome: World’s most used browser

Google Chrome could be a cross-platform browser that was developed by Google. It’s initially designed was free in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, and later it was delivered to UNIX system, macOS, iOS, and  Google’s own mobile OS automaton.

One Account. several advantages.

This is true. If you’re victimisation Chrome browser once you have got logged in along with your Google account then you won’t log in once more for different numerous services provided by the corporate like YouTube, Blogger, Google Analytics, etc.

It’s very easy.. you visit any site… You see Google Login, you press it and Taa-Daa! you’re into the web site with such a lot quick login procedure.


Mozilla Firefox was the final word browser before Google Chrome, however, speed was one in every of the factors that defeated Firefox and have become one in every of the favourites among web customers.

Google Chrome hundreds the online heaps quicker than different browsers gift within the market.


Chrome Extensions

One of the opposite options that Google introduced with Chrome browser was the extensions and also the Chrome internet store.

Question: what’s Chrome extension or internet Apps? wherever to transfer free extensions for Google Chrome?

Answer: you’ll use apps to make documents, edit photos, play games, hear music, and more.

There area unit 2 sorts of apps:

  • Apps that employment like regular websites (For example, Gmail or Google Calendar).
  • Apps that employment like package programs on your desktop, counting on bound options of Chrome (For example, Google Keep).

Benefits of internet Apps on Google Chrome

  • Apps install quickly, while not restarting your pc or browser a bit like you are doing on automaton OS.
  • Your apps area unit invariably obtainable once you adjust apps across multiple computers.
  • Apps area unit invariably up-to-date as a result of they’re hosted on the online.
  • Apps won’t crash your pc. If you have got hassle with Associate in Nursing app, shut its tab.
  • You will simply realize and open the app victimisation app launcher.

Bonus: five awe-inspiring Google Chrome shortcuts

Like is alleged at the start of the article I’d be sharing you some shortcuts for you which ones you’ll use to spice up your expertise whereas victimisation Google Chrome

  1. Quickly go concealed with Ctrl+Shift+N
  2. read your downloads page with Ctrl+J
  3. Quickly get to the “clear browsing data” page with Ctrl+Shift+Delete
  4. Open the Chrome Task Manager with Shift+Esc
  5. Use Ctrl+P to save lots of a webpage as a PDF

Pros of Google Chrome Browser

  • Single register.No recurrent logins for Google services.
  • Synchronization is perfect.
  • Speed.
  • Extensions and WebApps selection.
  • Active development by the developer’s community

Cons of Google Chrome Browser

  • Takes up your RAM heaps.
  • Your privacy is next to nothing.
  • If you by mistake shut the browser, Chrome can shut all the tabs opened unexpectedly

Brave Browser

So, within the market, there’s another browser that is gaining heaps of attention from the past number of months. Its the Brave browser. however why this browser is gaining attention once already there area unit such a lot of established browsers like hunting expedition, Netflix Navigator and Mozilla Firefox?

What is Brave Browser? a summary

Brave could be a free and ASCII text file browser developed by Brave package, Inc. and it’s supported the metal browser. The browser blocks ads and web site trackers. the corporate has planned to adopt a pay-to-surf business model during a future version of the browser.

I learned regarding this browser by unsteady upon numerous apps on Google’s App Store. that time, I didn’t use the maximum amount and simply unbroken it as like that in my phone. however recently my workfellow told Pine Tree State regarding this browser and that I was like… yea.. let’s attempt it and see what’s the fuss regarding.

And then I decided to use solely Brave browser and leave Chrome for some days and go in-depth regarding this.


Experience once twenty-four hours [Exclusive]

So, once twenty-four hours I’m inscribing this section, and belief American state I simply love the method however I surfed the web for the last twenty-four hours.

I had blocked ads, thus any journal or any anime sites frequently were loading sort of charm. this can be as a result of Brave browser blocks the ads on the location and shows you the content that matters to you. It’s a lot of just like the Reading mode in hunting expedition, in iPhone, however during this case, it masses the total webpage simply going out the ads.

Below you’ll see the stats once browsing the web for twenty-four hours(normal daily routine browsing of mine.

As you’ll see that at intervals twenty-four hours there have been quite fifty trackers from that I used to be protected and quite 800 ads were blocked at intervals twenty-four hours. you’ll imagine what number ads get loaded after you surf the internet!

Brave Shortcuts

Within this point amount, I additionally happened to stumble across the assorted settings that the browser provides to the user and one in every of the options I likeable is of shortcuts (this is accessible on google chrome additionally with facilitate of some workaround!)

For example, if you would like to go to Google, thus rather than typewriting or you only type: g   and hit enter and page would be loaded (if you’re connected to the internet! :P)

Question: what’s the safest and most secure browser available?

Answer:  On the web nobody is secure! however briefly, you’ll use Tor Browser or Brave browser, that ar one in every of the safest and secure browsers right away within the market.

Question: Is Brave Browser quicker than Chrome?

Answer:  Brave browser is made on the bottom of Chrome solely, however with the options like ad obstruction and privacy protection, somehow Brave Browser tends to be quicker than the Google Chrome.

Brave Rewards

Brave Rewards goes on the far side anonymously supporting your favourite content creators. non-public ads are enabled by default in Brave Rewards, providing the flexibility to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) whenever you read a billboard. Ads are bestowed one by one from your web page at a convenient time and keep your details utterly non-public and anonymous.

You can additionally management the quantity of personal ads you’d wish to see whereas you surf the web, and earn seventieth of the ad revenue that the Brave Browser Team receives from advertisers. In exchange for your attention, you’ll accumulate tokens as you browse. you’ll contribute these tokens to the sites you’re keen on — with a lot of choices coming back later. And Yes! you’ll additionally put off non-public ads at any time within the Brave Rewards settings page if you do not need to earn tokens by viewing them.

Question: Why will the Brave Browser seem like Chrome?

Answer: This can be as a result of it’s developed on the highest of Google Chrome’s codebase and adds layer of options to sleek the user expertise on the browser.

What Is Basic Attention Token? Introduction to BAT

Basic Attention Token(BAT) improves the potency of digital advertising by making a brand new token that may be changed between publishers, advertisers, and users. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain. you’ll say it in concert of the opposite cryptocurrency like Bitcoins or Litecoin etc..

The token will be accustomed get a range of advertising and attention-based services on the fundamental Attention Token platform. The utility of the token is predicated on user attention, that merely suggests that a person’s centred mental engagement.

At this time, I hope you bought the understanding of what’s a Brave Browser and what’s their business model. I additionally cleared some doubts that typically individuals have once they compare Google Chrome with Brave browser.

Question: what’s the quickest browser various to Google Chrome?

Answer: in line with American state, Brave browser is that the best various to Google Chrome because of several reasons as declared during this article.

Brave Browser for Bloggers and content creators

As out and away currently you may assume that this can affect the bloggers and content creators heaps because this browser blocks their main supply of earning – Google Adsense and alternative Ads providing corporations like Chitika, Admob, etc.

The brave browser additionally rewards content creators too!

How Content Creators will earn from Brave Browser?

To earn from Brave browser you’ll have any of those :

  • Website, blogs
  • Publications
  • Youtube Channel
  • Twitch

Question: what’s the most effective web browser for Android? Why?

Answer: If {you ar|you’re} abundant into Google Services and every one your devices are in Google’s scheme then Google Chrome is best, however, if {you need|you would like|you wish} your privacy and don’t want ads, you’ll vie Brave Browser.

How cash is generated for creators?

Brave Browser users earn tokens by surfriding the online

Brave Rewards is made on the fundamental Attention Token (BAT). those that use the Brave Browser will earn tokens by viewing privacy-respecting ads.

They tip tokens to you, their favourite content creator

Your subscribers, followers, or readers will mechanically tip a group quantity to you monthly, or offer one-time tips in Associate in Nursing quantity of their alternative.

You check-in as a verified content creator on Brave Rewards

Signing up as a verified content creator offers you access to the Creators dashboard, wherever you’ll manage all of your tips. it’ll additionally offer you access to your referral link, that you’ll use to earn a lot of tokens.

Collect your Tips from Creator’s dashboard

Once you’ve signed up and logged into the dashboard, you’ll use our partner Uphold to mechanically convert the tokens you earned into a currency of your selecting.

To check-in for the Creators rewards, you’ll move to their official website and check-in.

The Direct comparison: Google Chrome vs Brave Browser

Now we tend to ar into the ultimate section that all individuals were waiting. during this section, we might share some insights, infographics, and statistics on however these browsers perform on numerous scales.

Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: Loading Time comparison


The brave browser could also be comparatively new and plenty of individuals may not comprehend this browser. however, guess what? It’s gaining heaps of momentum and folks are hopping over to Brave wagon from Google Chrome for its options and focus towards the user privacy and information protection.

Indeed it’s true that Brave browser is predicated on metal however the Brave Browser team has done heaps of exertions in creating a browser that truly cares concerning your privacy and helps you to surf the web with none trackers on to you.

Which browser you prefer Google Chrome or Brave Browser. allow us to grasp through comment.



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