Top 5 Significant Areas To Use Keywords In Posts For Higher SEO Ranking

Top 5 Significant Areas To Use Keywords In Posts For Higher SEO Ranking
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What ar Keywords (Keyword)

Easy as tacit by word. Keywords ar merely the vital words, phrase or sentence that best explains what your journal post and journal at massive is all regarding. Keywords facilitate program rank your journal properly.

Proper usage/placement of keyword in your Blogger or WordPress journal post can change your post to induce indexed quickly and additionally hierarchical well on the primary page. several skilled bloggers apply long-tail keywords since its easier to induce indexed with long-tail keywords than short-tail keywords.

Properly SEO optimize Blogger/WordPress journal

Ranking well on a groundwork engine exploitation SEO at some purpose needs properly SEO optimizing your journal. you would like to line the proper meta tags, SMO tools and additionally Optimize your post titles.

Make Your journal 100% SEO Friendly

You do not solely got to properly SEO optimize your journal, you furthermore mght got to set the proper meta description, keywords and image tags on your journal and if you’ve got not done this, then think about creating your journal 100% friendly.

5 vital Places To Use Keyword In Posts For higher SEO Ranking

1. Keyword In initial & Last Paragraph

The first and Last Paragraph refers to introduction and conclusion severally. These 2 components of your journal post attach nice program optimisation price to its self. The most usage of post keyword is incredibly necessary at the primary and Last paragraph.

You should additionally think about employing connected terms (words like your keywords) at the primary and last paragraph. Also, attempt to add bolded keywords at this half, you may get a more robust understanding of daring keywords below.

2. Keyword In Heading and Sub Heading

Words in Subheadings (H2, H3, and H4 tags) Headings and Subheadings are continually vital for a journal post’s SEO each BlogSpot and WordPress users got to get won’t to this. Heading tags that embody the H1, H2, H3 etc facilitate detail resolute program crawlers what the post is all regarding.

Proper placement of Keywords within the subheadings during a post is crucial and will be practised. No post on earth is ever SEO friendly while not vital keywords being mentioned within the post headings.

3. Keywords In Bolded, Italic & Underlined Texts inside Posts

Every currently then, you see skilled bloggers and SEO specialists lightness an explicit text, phrase or sentence on their journal posts exploitation either daring, italic or underlining. this can be as a result of bolded texts increase the SEO price of your posts.

Over the week, I ran a take a look at on my journal and determined to look for specific keywords on my posts supported bolded and italic texts and to my surprise, Bolded texts helped my journal post rank higher in program result.

Also, Bolded, Italic, and Underlined text act as meta description once your post is being featured on search results. By creating specific keywords daring, you simply improve the SERP of that post.

4. Keywords In pictures And Links

Images don’t seem to be solely smart for the eyes of your guests, program crawlers need it too. A properly optimized image, tells program crawlers and bots specifically what your journal post is regarding.

Images ought to be optimized for top speed therefore as to not destroy the SEO ranking of the entire journal. you ought to continually use keywords within the Title, Alt tag, and Caption of your journal post pictures.

No-Follow and Do-Follow links even have an impression on search ranking. Google, Bing, and Yandex expect you to solely link resolute external links associated with those posts. thus these links ought to contain Keywords.

5. Keywords within the Comment Section

The comment section is another boost to your journal post SEO that you may not recognize. Comments are relevant to journal post and Seach engines take them seriously. Comments with keywords placed properly increase the post SEO strength and length.

Whenever you’re commenting or replying to comments on your journal posts, continually attempt to use keywords associated with the post you’re commenting on. additional comments can add additional keywords and generally improve your journal post SEO ranking.


These ar the five important Areas To Use Keyword In Blogger and WordPress journal Posts For higher SEO Ranking. SEO friendliness depends on meta tags, strategic and vital keywords. associate SEO knowledgeable are going to be wise enough to continually place long and short tail keywords at vital places in journal post.



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